Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Review: "To Wager Her Heart"

To Wager Her Heart is the third of Tamera Alexander's Belle Meade Plantation novels set in Nashville, TN just after the Civil War, a fictional story associated with the actual plantation and fictionalized versions of some of the people who lived there. Through this story, readers learn some of the history of Fisk University and its Jubilee Singers. They'll also learn about the development of the railroad in that area and across the U.S. They'll also meet a few other historical figures as brought to life through Alexander's imagination. This is how historical fiction is meant to be.

The main fictional characters are Alexandra Jamison and Sylas Rutledge. They meet when he visits her father for legal advice, but soon learn that the railroad accident in which her fiance' died is the one his father was blamed for causing. Though he's determined to prove his father's innocence, Alexandra wants nothing to do with Sy.

Thankfully for readers, circumstances throw the two together anyway. Each needs help from the other in order to pursue their dreams. That, along with the historical detail, made To Wager Her Heart a brilliant read. I thank Zondervan for sending a complimentary copy to me and am happy to tell you what I think.

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