Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book Review: "The Ebb Tide"

I don't know how Beverly Lewis keeps coming up with such fresh ideas for Amish stories, but she does. The Ebb Tide is especially inspired. It's about a young woman approaching her decision point to join the church or not. But she's always longed to see the world and knows that once she joins the church, she'll be expected to put such dreams away forever. When an opportunity comes for her to spend at summer on the beach in Cape May, she begs her parents to let her go, promising to settle down and join the church when she returns.

But Cape May holds unexpected insights and surprises. Readers get to watch Sallie Riehl wrestle with questions about her faith and her purpose and God's plan for her life. I especially loved how Lewis portrayed her family's response to her honest, coming-of-age struggle throughout the book. Sallie's and her family's emotions were so real and handled so well. Through a beautiful story, Lewis teaches grace, empathy, acceptance, and love.

I recommend this book which I received from Bethany House Published in exchange for this posting of my honest thoughts.

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