Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review: "The Returning"

As a reader, I usually get frustrated when one installment of a series ends with a cliffhanger then picks up in the next installment, not right where it left off but several years later, skipping over all that happened from the moment of crisis to the beginning of the next book. So, I felt skeptical when I learned that Rachelle Dekker’s final book of the Seer Trilogy would start twenty years after the second book ended. Dekker handled the transition perfectly, though, giving just enough detail about events that happened in between and just enough reminders about all that had happened in the earlier books to help readers move easily from one point in time to another without feeling like they’d missed something significant. Through this trilogy, she’s shown her skill through an epic story that points readers to the message all people need to hear.

The Returning is Elise’s story. Daughter of Carrington and Remko Brant, Elise was stolen away as a baby and raised on lies about how she came to live separated from almost all other people in the middle of Authority City. Aaron and the Seers are ready to act, though, to awaken a sedated population to Truth. Elise has no idea who these people are, but her role among them will be one of the most significant of all.

Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of this book. I found it fascinating and am happy to recommend it to you. Just don’t forget to read the first two books of the trilogy first.

The oldest daughter of New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker, Rachelle Dekker was inspired early on to discover truth through the avenue of storytelling. She graduated with a degree in communications and spent several years in marketing and corporate recruiting before making the transition to write full-time. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Daniel, and their diva cat, Blair.
Q&A with Rachelle Dekker about her newest book, The Returning
What themes are explored in The Returning, the final book of the Seer Series?
Identity is something I am always exploring, so that’s no different in The Returning. But in this novel I took a really hard look at forgiveness and how that relates to our journey of discovering who we really are.
How have Carrington and Remko developed as characters throughout this series?
Well, we meet them as young adults, just out of their teen years, and we find them middle-aged in book three. So we’ve journeyed quite a bit of life with them. They have grown and changed, as people do, and even in this last novel they struggle with remembering their true identities. I believe life is always stretching us and showing us different ways to love, so their growth reflects that.
You talk about the power of belief in the book. What is the purpose of faith, and what makes faith so powerful in people’s lives?
Belief and faith are everything. We form our own realities. We make judgments based on the past and what we think the future will bring; then we shape our idea of what we are capable of around those beliefs. Imagine if we truly believed we were infinite sons and daughters of the creator. How different would the world look then? When we believe and have faith in who the Father calls us, then the world looks pretty different.

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