Saturday, December 17, 2016

Book Review: "Where Two Hearts Meet"

Caden Holt of Where Two Hearts Meet is one of the best characters I've met this year. She's insecure and underappreciated, yet she loves everyone she meets - even those who treat her badly. She's a talented chef, a patient teacher, and a loyal friend. But few of the people in her small town recognize her for the treasure she is. They assume she'll spend her life working in obscurity, all alone, in the kitchen of Rose's Red Door Inn. Caden believes this, too.

When the inn begins to struggle financial, though, the owner, and Caden's good friend, Marie, seizes a hopeful opportunity for publicity. Learning that one of the guests is a writer and that a well-known travel magazine is secretly sending one of their employees to determine if the inn is worthy of a feature article, she asks Caden to be hospitable toward this writer, to help him fall in love with the inn, the community, the island it's on. Caden is reluctant, but she wants to help her friend. And since the writer, Adam Jacobs, won't stop raiding her kitchen for coffee and sweets anyway, she figures she doesn't have a choice anyway.

Where Two Hearts Meet is a sweet story chock full of great characters like Caden all living in the setting that anyone who has read Anne of Green Gables already adores. I enjoyed this second visit to Rose's Red Door Inn and recommend this series to you.

Revell sent me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

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