Sunday, December 11, 2016

Book Review: "A Portrait of Emily Price"

Reading Katherine Reay's books is like taking a leisurely stroll through lovely new territory and finding a treasure at the end. It's relaxing and pleasurable, a nice change from suspenseful and intense. Her newest, A Portrait of Emily Price, takes readers into the art world, the restaurant business, and the heart of Italy as art conservationist Emily discovers new ways to appreciate life.

Emily comes from a broken home. With an absent dad and an indifferent mom, she practically raised her sister and still has trouble letting go. When the insurance company she works for sends her to Atlanta to restore a mural and other items damaged by fire, she gains more than just a nice change of pace. Within two weeks, her whole life changes and she must find a way to make sense of it, to honor her commitments or turn back to the familiar, possibly losing herself and all she loves.

A Portrait of Emily Price was full of intriguing characters, gentle surprises, and subtle messages about people sharing life. I had my highlighter out several times near the end and continue to think on some of the thoughts I absorbed.

If you think of books as pleasant vacations that help you view life from fresh angles, I recommend this one to you. Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me my copy in exchange for this review.

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