Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Book Review: "The Ringmaster's Wife"

I was a little nervous when The Fiction Guild sent me a copy of Kristy Cambron's The Ringmaster's Wife. I've loved every Cambron book I've read so far, so I was happy to receive it, but the circus isn't really my thing. You know. Clowns. Costumes. Masks. Chaos. Did I mention the clowns?

I loved the book, though. (And clowns were only mentioned in passing once or twice.) The main characters, both fictional and fictionalized, were fascinating. I wanted to meet Mable Ringling in person and felt that Lady Rosamund Easling truly deserved a happily-ever-after ending--one that included her horse, Ingenue. The storyline held a hint of danger and suspense with messages of courage and grace. The book was rich in relevant (and some just fun) historical detail.

Kristy Cambron has established herself well as a competent, entertaining, and insightful historical Christian fiction author. Fans of this genre will want to read this book--whether or not the circus is their thing.

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