Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Book Review: "When Death Draws Near"

Carrie Stuart Parks' Gwen Marcey novels are intense and full of suspense. The forensic artist for whom the books are named always finds herself fighting for the lives of potential victims which include her own and her daughter's. When Death Draws Near, the third in this series, was no exception. I had a hard time taking a break from reading this book for doing other things.

This time, Gwen Marcey is helping to solve two mysteries. Her primary reason for accepting work in Pikeville, KY (besides her need for funds) is to help the sheriff's department find a serial rapist. The victims, once rescued, keep leaving town with their families without a trace. Gwen soon learns, though, of a series of unusual accidental deaths happening around the town. She suspects there is a connection between the two mysteries.

My favorite part of this book was the personal lesson Gwen learned at the end of the book. Parks touched on the message so gently throughout this powerful story, then drove the point home beautifully. Readers who enjoy inspirational criminal investigation stories will like this series of books. I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

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