Saturday, September 10, 2016

Book Review: "I Wish He Had Come with Instructions"

Before I say anything else, let me make it clear that I found the information in this book both fascinating and useful. If you are a woman in need of a guide to the male brain, I recommend you read this book.

I had to laugh when I read Chapter 8, though, because, evidently, the author's wife had the same issue with the book that I did. She told him, "If I didn't know you, I'd feel like you were telling me that I had to do all the changing in my relationship with my man. Your female readers are going to think, 'How come I have to change? What about him? It sounds like it's all my responsibility and he's off the hook!'"

Poor Mike Bechtle. He must have explained himself at least a dozen times, yet I still had to fight the urge to agree with his wife that it seemed he was placing all the burden on me. I'm choosing to take his word - and hers - for it, though, because he does share some powerful and helpful insights. As Bechtle says, "I'm not letting the man off the hook. I'm just trying to help you understand him accurately."

The book's introduction makes this clear the first time: "There are plenty of books that debate gender roles and societal issues. This isn't one of them. It's simply a guide for women to understand, from a man, what goes on inside the male mind." The rest of the book is divided into five well-defined sections: The Care and Feeding of a Man, How He Thinks, How He Acts, How He Communicates, and How He Grows. Throughout each of these, Bechtle invites women to understand, appreciate, and celebrate the different ways that men and women think. Together we're better as we learn to combine our unique strengths.

I thank Revell for sending me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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