Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Review: "The Red Door Inn"

After hearing her father betray her, Marie Carrington, age 28, decides it’s time to run away from home. But she’s unable to access her bank account without alerting her father to her choice, so she quickly finds herself on the brink of freedom but without the funds she needs to get there. When an elderly gentleman sees her counting coins at the ferry station, he devises a way to pay for her ticket and give her a home without making it feel like charity. Marie accepts a job as a decorator for the inn he’s getting ready to open to fulfill his wife’s dream.

His nephew, Seth Sloane, is also working to get the inn open on time, but he has also been betrayed and doesn’t trust his uncle’s judgment. He decides it’s his job to protect his uncle from Marie. Thankfully his opinion of Marie isn’t the One that ultimately counts and that One is working harder than anyone to make The Red Door Inn a place where wounded souls can heal.

I enjoyed this book by Liz Johnson—the first in a new series in one of my favorite classic settings. Revell sent me a complimentary copy in exchange for this review. I’ll be watching for book two.

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