Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Review: "Whispers in the Reading Room"

I didn't request this book for review, but I'd considered it, so I was pretty happy when the Fiction Guild decided to send me a copy for review anyway. A book about a librarian with a mysterious patron to wonder about . . . who wouldn't want to find out where that leads?

I found this book to be unusual, intriguing, and perplexing. It's a variation on the age-old story of the good girl falling for the bad boy and the tension that develops as they influence each other. Who will influence the other more? And can such a relationship work or become healthy?

Overall, I thought that some of the impossible changes in different characters happened much too quickly to be realistic, but I liked the way everything turned out, so I was okay with that. Sebastian Marks was a complex character with a tragic history. His development held the potential for a much longer book. Likewise, Bridget and Vincent's story could have been a book in itself.

I did enjoy the story, however, and I recommend it to fans of Chicago's history

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