Sunday, January 17, 2016

Book Review: "The Painter's Daughter"

The Painter's Daughter is a story that is both enchanting and anxiety-producing. It's a perfect combination. Add the beautiful setting on the cliffs of England in the early 1800's and you find yourself reading a powerful book. I was completely absorbed.

This is the story of two strangers who marry: one out of a sense of duty to family, the other out of desperation and fear. Both hope their marriage will cover a secret and protect the innocent. Sophie Dupont, the painter's daughter for whom the story is named, is still in love with her new husband's brother who abandoned her without saying good-bye in pursuit of an opportunity to further his career. Captain Stephen Overtree is convinced, because of a mysterious prophecy, that he is soon to die anyway, and so may as well marry for noble reasons other than love.

Unfortunately for them, all doesn't go the way either of them plan. Neither does all go the way readers anticipate. This story is full of unexpected surprises that keep readers guessing until the end. I recommend this book to fan's Christian historical fiction and regency romance. Bethany House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

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