Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Review: "The Entitlement Cure"

This book is going onto my must-read-again list! (Okay, so I haven't created that list yet, except in my head. This book is giving me a reason to make it Goodreads official.) The author himself gives us two great reasons to read The Entitlement Cure:
"This book was written primarily to help you help loved ones and associates who struggle with the entitlement disease. But because we all struggle with that disease in some way--because we all struggle with pocket entitlement--you'll find that many parts of this book address the issues in a more general way, directed as much to you and to me as to the ones we want to help. In truth, all parts of the book are equally applicable to those of us who want to clean up our own act and those children, spouses, and coworkers we want to guide through dealing with their own entitlement issues" (p. 25).
Throughout the book, author John Townsend helps readers see that the cure for entitlement thinking is choosing to take responsibility for one's own life, choosing to do the hard things that will make one's life better regardless of what other people are doing or not doing. He starts by defining entitlement and explaining why people need a cure. Then he walks readers through each phase of the cure. I appreciated the entitlement and hard way mantras in each chapter that showed in contrast these healthy and unhealthy approaches to life. The skills section at the end of each chapter provides both a summary of the content and specific ways to practice it now.

I thank Zondervan for sending me a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this honest review. It's one I recommend.

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