Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book Review: "A Respectable Actress"

Just out of the blue, Surprise! - The Fiction Guild sent me a copy of Dorothy Love’s new book, A Respectable Actress, for review. I thank them; I enjoyed this read.

So many things to love about this book.
  • The setting: Savannah and St. Simon’s Island in Georgia. I’ve had so much fun in recent years visiting the modern versions of both, so reading the history was fun for me.
  • The characters: imagined from the lives of real people. The author tells more in her note following the story. I also enjoyed meeting a character from one of Love’s books that I’ve yet to read but hope to someday, Celia Browning Mackay from The Bracelet.
  • The era: just after the Civil War. Characters in this book are still recovering, but the focus is on a newcomer to the area, one untouched by the event.
  • The plot: a murder mystery, but not just any murder mystery. Every time it seems to be solved, the main character discovers another loose end, bringing all conclusions into question again . . . and the story goes on. India Hartley just will not let anything questionable go.
Fans of historical fiction will appreciate the uniqueness of Dorthy Love's newest book.

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