Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review: "Streams of Mercy"

Streams of Mercy by Lauraine Snelling is the third book in her Song of Blessing series, but the 19th book set in the Red River Valley in North Dakota and the 20th featuring Ingeborg Bjorklund. Snelling has taken her readers from Norway in 1878 to North Dakota in 1907 and has shown them how a community is born and can thrive. These books are among my favorites because I just love revisiting that community whenever Snelling writes a new book.

Streams of Mercy features a character from the past. Many books ago, Anji Baard was in love with Ingeborg’s eldest son, Thorliff. Things did not work out for the two of them; each found someone else to love. But now Anji is widowed and has returned to Blessing with her four children. She can’t imagine raising them anywhere else. Streams of Mercy reveals how this works out for her.

It also tells readers what’s new in the lives of all the other members of this growing, blessed community—births, deaths, celebrations, tragedies, lessons learned, people moving away and moving in. Clara is a new favorite character of mine; I’m especially looking forward to learning how her life develops in the next book.

Fans of historical Christian fiction will love this new addition to the Song of Blessing series. I thank Bethany House Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

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  1. I do enjoy Christian historical fiction and have read some of this author's books. I just might check this series out.