Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book Review: "Ransomed Dreams"

“With the flash of a bullet, Sheridan Montgomery’s world ceased to exist.” And a Side Roads series novel demanded to be read! Each stand-alone story in this series tells of people whose lives get bumped off the main road, away from their intended path. In Ransomed Dreams, Sheridan Montgomery’s life is changed forever when her husband, Eliot—U.S. ambassador to Venezuela—is shot. He survives but struggles to recover, both physically and emotionally. Suffering from post-traumatic stress herself, Sheridan is content to exist quietly by his side, tending to his needs and hiding from the world, a too-dangerous place.

When her sister calls her home to say good-bye to her dying father and to learn unsettling truths about her family now coming to light, Sheridan’s life switches paths again. Hiding is no longer an option. Sheridan must step into the open and learn to live with people—to love, to commit, to forgive.

Ransomed Dreams is a beautiful story, revealing truth and grace. I earned my copy through Tyndale Rewards but was under no obligation to review it. I simply enjoyed the book and chose to recommend it to you.

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