Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Review: "Hearts Made Whole"

Jody Hedlund’s books just keep getting better and better. I loved her most recent, Hearts Made Whole. This book is the second in her Beacons of Hope series, a series where each story is set near an historical lighthouse. I haven’t read the first book yet, but the second stood just fine all alone.

Hearts Made Whole is the story of Caroline Taylor, a young woman who learned how to run a lighthouse while assisting her father to do so and to raise her four younger siblings. When her father dies during a storm, the lighthouse inspector chooses someone else to run the lighthouse and asks Caroline and her siblings to leave, though they have nowhere else to go.

Ryan Chambers, the new lighthouse keeper, has compassion, though, especially since he does not know how to run the lighthouse and struggles with the chronic pain of a war injury and an addiction to pain medication combined with alcohol. His goal is to earn enough money to amend a war wrong, but he isn’t opposed to help from Caroline.

Unfortunately, someone else is opposed to Caroline's presence, and she and Ryan find themselves making tough decisions to protect Caroline’s family and the lighthouse from harm. This is where Hedlund’s skill as a novelist shines. She puts her characters into impossible situations then makes those situations worse until readers can’t even imagine any good way out. Readers just have to keep reading to see what Hedlund will come up with for her characters next.

If you enjoy historical Christian fiction, I recommend this book. Bethany House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

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