Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Review: "By Your Side"

I always look forward to reading Candace Calvert’s new books--for so many reasons! And By Your Side, the first in her new Crisis Team series was as good, if not better, than I’ve come to anticipate. It’s the story of ER nurse Macy Wynn, Deputy Fletcher Holt, and the on-going community crisis that keeps their paths crossing.

Though this is a new series, readers first met Fletcher Holt in Calvert’s last book, Life Support. In By Your Side, Holt has temporarily moved from Houston, Texas to Sacramento, California to help his mom, who is recovering from chemotherapy, while his dad is away.

Macy, on the other hand, has lived in or close to the Sacramento area all of her life. Raised in foster care, though, she’s never felt at home anywhere. Providing a home for herself and the girl she considers to be a sister is her dearest dream.

Calvert’s strengths are characters readers quickly come to care about (though Macy makes it hard because she’s afraid to let anyone care about her), escalating circumstances, and the settings Calvert describes. By the time I finish reading one of Calvert’s books, I’m ready to go visit wherever it took place. As for Sacramento, I got to visit there just a few months back. Calvert described everything just as I still see it in my mind.

If you enjoy medical dramas with a touch of romance, I recommend By Your Side. I received my complimentary copy from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

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