Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: "Walking with Bilbo"

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this year I'm reading through several of the devotional eBooks I've collected as they've been offered for free. I don't have to review these; I received them with no strings attached. If I like them, though, I will. I really liked Walking with Bilbo by Sarah Arthur.

Arthur tells us up front that Tolkien didn't intend for his book, The Hobbit, to be a Christian allegory. Because he was a Christian, though, his book can't help but carry several Christian themes. Arthur's book picks up on these and helps her readers to understand them and apply them to their lives. The book contains twenty-two short devotionals. Each explores a portion of Tolkien's story, compares it to a passage from the Bible, gives the reader a list of questions to consider, and closes with a list of Bible verses to read for further insight.

This book was fun to read and easy to understand, yet its truths were valuable and practical for life. As I understand it, this book was written for teenagers, but I believe Christians of any age can glean worthwhile insights. I recommend Walking with Bilbo to Christian fans of Tolkien's works and to anyone looking to deepen their walk with Christ.

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