Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review: "Always on my Mind"

The fourth Christiansen Family novel, Always on my Mind, by Susan May Warren continues Casper’s story, started in the previous book. He and the woman he loves, Raina, have some major issues to work through. Sadly, Raina just wants Casper to go away, so Casper must learn what it means to love someone who has rejected your love, to want and pray for God's best for her, whether he's in her life or not.

A shared interest in a local, unsolved mystery from the past, however, gives Casper the opportunity to help Raina see him as a faithful friend and leads both into a treasure-hunting adventure, with Casper finally seeking the treasure that first triggered his interest in archaeology.

Casper and Raina’s story wasn’t my favorite of the Christiansen series, but I appreciated the way Warren presented issues such as adoption and abuse from thought-producing angles to help readers see complications that turn what seems black and white to gray
, I highlighted words of Christian wisdom throughout the book. I found the parallels between Raina and Aggie interesting; I love it when authors take little side trips into history. I also enjoyed the continuation of Darek and Ivy’s story. Life doesn’t end with a wedding. Married couples have problems to struggle through, too. Now I’m anticipating Amelia’s book, gently introduced in this one, knowing I’ll finally get to know this youngest daughter of the Christiansen clan while reading updates on her five siblings.

Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of Always on my Mind for this review. I recommend the entire series to you.

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