Thursday, November 6, 2014

Book Review: "A Mom's Prayers for Her Son"

A Mom’s Prayers for Her Son is an excellent resource for moms who want help with their prayer life. The book isn't really meant to be read through in one sitting. Seventy-seven prayers are identified by circumstance, so that a mom can find the ones that will help her find the words she needs as she begins to pray for her son. Three or four Bible verses are included before each prayer, so women can pray the Scriptures, too.

Scattered among the prayers are testimonies by other mothers regarding their prayers for their sons and articles by the author about prayer concerns mothers will especially want to cover when praying particularly for sons.

Because I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this review, I did read it straight through. I discovered great value in this approach, too. I have three sons, so as I read the different prayers, I’d pray for one, then another. Sometimes I’d pray for my husband, another family member—even myself. Not all of these prayers apply only to boys, so as I read, I prayed for whomever God’s Spirit brought to my mind.

The prayers were beautiful and thought-provoking--a great jumping-off point for the reader's personal prayers. I appreciated the author’s tendency, as she prayed for her sons, to pray for herself as a mother, too. God placed our sons in our care; we’re wise to ask Him to help us be the moms He intended us to be—the best moms for them. I recommend this book to moms of sons.

Note: I was disappointed in one small aspect of the book. It’s not the author’s or publisher’s fault. But each testimony by another mother included an invitation to visit that mother’s website. Maybe it’s unusual for readers to take people up on these invitations, but I did only to discover that many were inactive—a few didn’t even exist anymore. It probably would have been better to leave the website invitations off. They were an unnecessary distraction from the book.

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