Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: "When I Fall in Love"

As promised, I’m ready to review the third Christiansen Family novel today. When I Fall in Love was more than I expected it to be! I knew I would be reading Grace Christiansen’s story, but I also got a few more threads of Owen’s, started in It Had to Be You. And Susan May Warren started Casper’s story, too. Oh, the heartbreak, turmoil, and confusion! And that’s all I can say about that without adding a spoiler warning to this review.

I really liked this book.

As for Grace, her character has to be the sweetest of the whole family. When her family forces her out of her comfort zone by sending her on a cooking retreat in Hawaii, she pretty much thinks she’s going to die. And when they ask Owen’s former hockey teammate Max, who just happens to be going to the same school, to keep a protective eye on her, she’s even more mortified. Of course, Max isn’t any happier about the arrangement than she is . . .

but then they meet for the first time . . .

neither knowing who the other is just yet . . .

and a beautiful story is born.

Fans of Susan May Warren know this is more than just a beautiful story, though. Grace and Max learn some profound lessons about faith, trust, and abundant living in Christ—lessons they’ll share, I’m sure, with Casper and Raina and Owen and Amelia and any other characters who find their way into the next books.

I earned my copy of When I Fall in Love through Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program. I am reviewing it to earn credit toward one more book!

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