Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review: "Evergreen"

I’ve really been enjoying Susan May Warren’s Christiansen Family Novels this year. I’m actually reading the third one right now—to be reviewed next week. But I took a break to read Susan’s second novella in the series, Evergreen. The first of the novellas told how the parents of the Christiansen family, John and Ingrid, met and ended up married. Evergreen tells what happens when they face the empty nest.

One year into that circumstance myself, I found a lot to love about this book. My favorite takeaway, however, came from the one thing that most perplexed me. You see, in the Christiansen Family Novels, John and Ingrid are the voices of experience, the sage mentors to their newly-grown children. In Evergreen, they are a very human couple wrestling with life issues that threaten to tear them apart. At first, I had trouble accepting this; it seemed like a change in character, especially for John.

Then I realized just how true to life it is. Older couples can share the wisdom that comes from life experience. They will be able to encourage younger couples because they have been there and done that. Yet they will still have issues of their own to work through as life continues to throw new circumstances and trials their way. No matter how old we get, we’ll never know it all. We’ll always have to remember to put our ultimate trust in God and to seek out His wisdom.

I recommend this book to fans of the series it comes from and to anyone, male or female, discovering the world of the empty nest. Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.

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