Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Review: "Echoes of an Angel"

I don’t know how I missed Ben Underwood’s story a few years back when it was in the news, on the internet, and on several talk shows, but I’m glad I found it this week in his mother’s new book, Echoes of an Angel. I just finished reading this amazing story of his life, as told by Ben’s mother, Aquanetta Gordon.

In a way, Echoes of an Angel is really Aquanetta’s story as it was impacted by raising Ben. It’s her testimony of God’s care for her and her family, of God’s work in her life and the lives of her children through all the circumstances they experienced. These experiences became extraordinary once Ben came on the scene.

For those who don’t know, Ben Underwood lost his eyes to cancer as a toddler. He taught himself to see, though, using echolocation. With Aquanetta’s encouragement, and often determined stands on his behalf, Ben learned to ride a bike, play video games, wrestle, and play basketball. He even gave driving and surfing a try. Echoes of an Angel tells how God used his life, is still using his life, in fact, to encourage people all over the world.

I’m happy to recommend this book which I obtained on my own and am now choosing to review for credit in Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program. This true story is a powerful testimony.

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