Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Books!

A few of the books I've earned
Have I mentioned I love books? Have I mentioned I especially love free books?

If you love free books, too, Tyndale House Publishers has a rewards program where you can go to earn free books. (If you earn it, is it really free? Well, you won't have to spend any money.) To sign up, click here and enter your e-mail above the nifty little promo code that will give you 25 free points to start with. It will also give you your own sweet, little promo code link to post on your blog just like I'm doing here, so you can earn 10 free points toward your reward whenever someone clicks on it and signs up, too.

I've earned several great books since I joined the program a few years ago, most recently, Saving Amelie by Cathy Gohlke, which I'm expecting to get in the mail any day.

How else can you earn points for free books? By taking surveys, subscribing to devotionals, posting book reviews, joining focus groups, and joining the birthday club. That's right. You get 15 points, and then, a downloadable gift every year just for being alive! So click on through to start earning some fun, free books! Happy reading!

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