Thursday, July 10, 2014

Book Review: Misery Loves Company

Well, who wouldn’t love (and be slightly terrified by) a story about a book review blogger who gets kidnapped by an author who appears to be disgruntled over her last review of his work? All Patrick Reagan will tell Jules Bellano is that there’s something important she must figure out before they run out of time. All Jules wants to do is go home!

At first, I thought the story might turn out to be a little bit clichĂ©. But the author’s descriptions of what people were thinking and feeling drew me in anyway. After that, the story took so many unexpected turns. I had fun trying to keep up! Readers actually have three mysteries to solve: one kidnapping, two deaths. And as the author divulges information, she also explores issues such as personal motivation, God’s goodness and trustworthiness, addiction, and compassion versus righteousness. As a bonus, because the main characters are writers, the book also includes a bit of great writing advice.

Suspense fans will love this book! (Writers will, too.)

No one sent this one to me to review. I obtained it on my own and am reviewing it for credit in Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program.

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