Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: Critical Pursuit

I enjoyed getting to meet Officer Brinna Caruso in the first book of Janice Cantore’s series about her. Brinna is a K-9 search and rescue officer who has devoted her career to catching criminals who prey on children. As the story opens, Brinna’s own childhood kidnapping is making headlines as the anniversary of her rescue approaches. People want to know how she’s doing twenty years later. Unfortunately, this news gets the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of person, and Brinna finds herself under pressure to capture a kidnapper before another child gets hurt.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, she temporarily gets a new partner, Detective Jack O’Reilly, who is coming back on patrol after working in homicide. Grieving the loss of his wife and child to a drunk driver, O’Reilly is struggling to find his way. Brinna worries she can’t count on him.

Critical Pursuit offers an intriguing and suspenseful story full of emotional quandaries and deep questions about God’s existence and involvement in our lives, Heaven, family, justice, social responsibility, cooperation, grief, and internal peace. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel soon!

No one sent this book to me for review. I obtained it myself and am reviewing it by choice for credit in Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program. I recommend it to you!

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