Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coloring Quandary

This week, I'm reading a book by Chris Fabry called Every Waking Moment. I will be reviewing the book next week, but already I'm loving this touching story.

My quandary, though, is that I borrowed it from the library which means I can't highlight or underline text or scribble notes in the margin. And this book needs a lot of that!

Thankfully, I keep a quote journal for just such emergencies. I'm recording the best, most thought-provoking sentences in it for future pondering.

I love quotes that strike me as true! If I own the book, I discover them in, I'll highlight or underline in a color that matches the cover of the book. (Basic yellow highlighting or black or blue ink is just too ordinary for words that have value--unless they happen to match the cover of the book. And bright colors are just so much fun!) Sometimes I share these quotes on GoodReads or Pinterest or Twitter because great words must be read. And if the quote provokes a train of thought that just can't be stopped, I'll record my thoughts on this blog labelled Words Aptly Spoken.

How about you?

  • Do you write in your books?
  • Do you use a particular highlighter or pen?
  • How do you collect the quotes that catch your imagination?
  • Have you found ways to share them with others?
  • Why do you choose to share or not share?
  • What book most recently read has demanded further thought, greater digestion of ideas?

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