Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review: Epic Grace

“Hey, Janet! Have you read this yet? It looks interesting. Did you like it?” my husband asked, holding up Epic Grace. I had earned the book through the Tyndale Rewards Program* but hadn’t gotten to it yet. I decided it was time.

A few days later I learned it was on Tyndale’s Summer ReadingProgram list. Bonus!

Whatever journey I took to get around to reading this book, I’m glad I did. Now I’m recommending it to my family. I’m happy to recommend it to you, too.

Author Kurt Bubna writes of God’s grace from every angle. He encourages readers to receive it, to share it, to offer it, to live it. He applies it to every aspect of life: marriage, parenting, habits, finances. The subtitle explains the content well: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot (translation: a sinner saved by grace). Bubna shares stories from his life, from the Bible, and from people he’s come to know along the way to help us understand each idea he presents. He presents solid truth with a gentle sense of humor that makes it easy to read and grasp. Two recurring themes of the book are trust God and encourage each other. It’s all about appreciating and sharing God’s grace.

Twenty-two short chapters and a discussion guide written by a pastor, husband, father, and grandpa, Epic Grace is an easy read that’s worth your time. I’m glad my husband reminded me it was waiting on our shelf.

*Note: Clicking on this link will take you to Tyndale Rewards where you can sign up to earn books, too. You'll start out with extra points for signing up through the link, and I will earn some, too!

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