Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review: Born of Persuasion

Born of Persuasion, the first book in the Price of Privilege Trilogy by new author Jessica Dotta, reminds me of classics such as Jane Eyre and Rebecca, stories of dark mystery in which the innocent heroine is drawn in by a mysterious and powerful man only to wonder if she’s gotten herself in over her head, curious to know the truth, yet fearing it as well. Only in Born of Persuasion, Julia Elliston has three mysterious men to deal with: 1) Edward, the childhood sweetheart she’s secretly betrothed to yet was torn away from, so that she no longer knows where she stands; 2) the anonymous guardian who controls her life and is threatening to send her away to Scotland to work below her station as a ladies’ maid; 3) Mr. Macy, the wealthy, yet secretive recluse who promises her everything she longs for if she’ll only trust him.

The story, set in 19th century Great Britain, is full of fascinating characters, secrets, questions, complications, and unexpected twists and turns. I was only sad that it didn’t end. I’ll have to wait for the next book. Dotta leaves her readers in a good place, though, answering just enough of the questions to leave them feeling satisfied, but leaving just enough mystery to entice them to read on.

Tyndale Publishing House sent a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. I’ll be watching for more by this new author.

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