Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Book Review: The Miner's Lady

The Miner's Lady is the third book in Tracie Peterson’s Land of Shining Water series—and it was just as fascinating to read as the first two books. This book is the story of two Italian families living in the same town with all of the grown men from both families working in the same mine. Sadly, the two families have been feuding for three, going on four, generations. They work together peacefully, but tolerate no other contact.

For this reason, Chantel Panetta is quite flustered when she learns her younger sister, Isabella, has fallen in love with Orlando Calarcos and plans to marry him in spite of the feud. The couple hopes that their marriage and any resulting children will bring peace to the two families. Chantel fears a more grave outcome for the two, yet agrees to help them in their quest. When she runs into friction from Orlando’s brother, Dante, life really gets complicated.

As in the first two books, this one not only blesses the reader with an inspirational story, but also provides an historical glimpse into the life of immigrants in America in the late 1800’s who settled in Minnesota and took up particular occupations in that state. I enjoyed learning about the Italian (and Finnish) miners, their families, customs, and community. I appreciated Peterson’s story-telling ability and getting to know her characters, watching them learn how to choose what’s right, even stranding against such strong forces as tradition and family loyalty.

Bethany House Publishers sent a complimentary copy of The Miner’s Lady in exchange for this honest review. I’m happy to recommend this book.

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