Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review: Fatal Tide

I would classify Fatal Tide, the third book of The East Salem Trilogy, as pre-post-apocalyptic. In other words, the good characters in this book are working to defeat the evil characters in order to prevent a world-changing-and-definitely-not-for-the-better event. To complicate matters, some of the bad characters are demons. Thankfully, some of the good characters are angels. It’s a classic good versus evil story with an absolutely brilliant, and God-glorifying, ending.

Like most science fiction works, this one contains a lot of scientific, psychological, and medical technobabble. It’s all relevant to the story, though, and explained clearly and often enough that the reader doesn’t get too bogged down in it. There’s also quite a bit of violence as the forces of good and evil collide. But there’s also mystery and intrigue, action, adventure, and a touch of romance—just enough, but not too much. If those sound like the ingredients of a story that you appreciate, you’ll want to read Fatal Tide. Just be sure to read Waking Hours and Darkness Rising first.

I’ve enjoyed following main characters Tommy Gunderson and Dani Harris, along with their unusual assortment of friends, throughout this series. The ending caught me by surprise, but I thought it was perfect! I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary copy of this book for me to review for you.

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