Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: The Prayer Box

Tandi Jo Reese has no idea that she’s made a life-changing discovery when she finds a closet full of mysterious boxes full of letters to her former landlord’s Father. Unable to resist, Tandi starts reading the letters, though she’s really been hired to clean the house that was left to the church next-door after her landlord’s death. When Tandi realizes that the letters are really prayers and that there’s one box full of them for every year of Iola Anne Poole’s life from her tenth year on, Tandi becomes protective of the letters—and even more determined to read them all.

At the same time, Tandi is trying to make a new life for herself and her two children, a life that she hopes will begin in the happiest place she ever knew as a child. Visiting with her grandparents on Hatteras Island was the one bright spot in her troubled life. She moves to the island because she longs for a stable refuge.

Though the story is contemporary, Iola’s story is woven throughout (as Tandi reads the letters), giving readers a sense of history—and the fun of two stories running parallel. As Tandi makes discoveries about the kind of woman Iola Anne Poole was, she also makes decisions about the kind of woman she wants to be—especially as she learns she has a choice! Iola’s past and other people’s opinions of her did not define her; Tandi fights to make this true for her life as well, in spite of opposition from people who'd rather she not change.

Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of The Prayer Box for my honest review. I am so thankful I got to read it. I recommend it to you.

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