Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book Review: Rosemary Cottage

I truly hope that Raine from Rosemary Cottage will make happy appearances in future books of this series by Colleen Coble. Raine is the one-year-old star of the book, though she’s not one of the main characters. She was just a delightful member of the cast. The book is really about her uncle, Coast Guard officer Curtis Ireland, who is raising her with the help of his early-morning-and-in-all-weather surfing aunt. The story opens with a prologue telling how the two of them came to be caring for Raine.

Rosemary Cottage is also the story of Amy Lange, the owner of Rosemary Cottage. Amy has come to Hope Island to investigate her brother’s death. The rest of the world is content to accept that it was a tragic accident, but a mysterious e-mail has convinced Amy there is more to it. As she investigates, she considers moving her midwife practice to the island and living in Rosemary Cottage permanently.

When Amy learns that her brother, Ben, signed Raine’s birth certificate as her father yet kept the relationship a secret from his family and that Raine’s mother was killed just a few weeks before Ben, she begins to wonder if it’s all related to the mysterious e-mail. Curtis agrees to help Amy investigate even as tensions arise over Raine’s guardianship.

Though Rosemary Cottage sounds like a sweet name for a sweet romance, the book is also full of action/adventure, mystery, conspiracy, and suspense. As reader’s learned in the first book of the Hope Beach series, Hope Island isn’t always a quiet, little town for a peaceful getaway. I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

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