Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: All in Good Time

All in Good TimeAll in Good Time by Maureen Lang is the story of two people whose secrets are keeping them from fully living life. Henry Hawkins’s secret has kept him from enjoying friendship, social events, even close family relationships. He fears if he lets himself get too close to anyone, they’ll learn what he wishes he had never done. He’d rather maintain a false reputation than develop healthy relationships.

Dessa Caldwell’s secret, on the other hand, has prompted her to throw herself fully into ministry to women who may be seeking alternatives for their lives. This same secret is keeping her from her dream and longing for marriage and a family, but that’s a sacrifice she feels bound to make. One must live with the consequences of one’s actions, after all. But how does that philosophy apply to the women she’s trying to help? If she sentences herself to a life without grace, how can she offer it to those who need its hope?

All in Good Time is an intriguing, historical Christian read set in Denver in the late 1800’s. It is the second book in Lang’s Gilded Legacy series. I’m looking forward to going back to read the first book!

No one gave me this book for this review. I obtained it myself, then learned I could review it for points in Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program.

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