Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Review: Prayer Warrior Mom

Marla Alupoaicei obviously cares very deeply about the women she is writing to in her new book, Prayer Warrior Mom: Covering your kids with God's blessings and protection. It is evident that she has read through many books on the topics she wants to share with her readers in order to offer as many helpful ideas as she can. In her new book, she opens up her brain and lets all that she’s taken in spill out. (Readers who don’t recognize ideas from these books within the text itself will find the books listed as resources in the back of Marla’s book.) Marla wants women to learn how to pray.

Prayer Warrior Mom wasn’t exactly what I expected, though. First of all, because of the subtitle, I expected a book full of ideas on how moms can pray for their children. Instead, the book tells women, in great detail, what they “should” or “must” do in order to become Marla’s definition of a woman qualified to pray effectively. Instead of focusing on the children, Marla's book focuses on fixing their moms.

Second, I expected this book to be a small group Bible study. A few times in the book, including in the introduction, Marla recommends it as such. Though the book does, in fact, have Scripture scattered throughout, this is not presented as a Bible study. In a true Bible study, one reads the Bible to learn what God has to say. In this book, Marla uses, and sometimes misuses, Scripture to make her own points.

Overall, I was disappointed in this book. Marla’s writing style is hard to follow. She jumps very quickly and randomly from one idea to another. Trying to keep track of them all was exhausting. Trying to accomplish all she suggests would be exhausting, too. Women need encouragement to go to God just as they are, right now, to build a loving Father-child relationship with Him that will naturally include fervent prayer for their children. The more time we spend in His Presence, the more He will make us into the mothers He’s meant for us to be. It’s His work, not ours, that turns us into prayer warriors.

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent a complimentary eCopy of this book for my honest review.

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