Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Book Review: Afloat

I think I look forward to each of Erin Healy’s new releases more than any other author's. Her books are unique curiosities—totally unpredictable, full of supernatural elements, unclassifiable. They also contain clear, but not blatantly presented Christian Truth. Healy leads her readers along to who knows where, but once they arrive, they say, “Oh—I get it! Wow!”

This was perfectly true of Healy’s recent release, Afloat. Though the story started slowly and had me a little worried, it picked up pace quickly. As the characters’ dilemma worsened, Healy revealed their backstories, relevant to the plot, at a steady rate. Though I became totally engrossed in the story, I also found myself underlining well-worded statements that I found to be true.

Afloat is the story of a group of people stranded on a peninsula turned island after a bizarre series of unusual events. As they struggle to survive, they disagree about how to do so. What’s worse, they have reason to distrust each other—where loyalties lie is unclear. The result is an intense story about truth, love, self-sacrifice, and making choices that put eternity over right now. I’m happy to recommend this book!

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of Afloat in exchange for this honest review. Fans of supernatural thrillers, suspense, and conspiracy novels will enjoy reading this book.

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