Friday, March 8, 2013

Book Review: Reclaiming Your Heart

As I mentioned in my review of Secrets over Sweet Tea, Reclaiming Your Heart, also by Denise Hildreth Jones, is its companion book—the non-fiction book that clearly explains concepts illustrated in the work of fiction. I love the way Jones planned that out! She has lived what she teaches, and she teaches it well. Both books minister effectively to those who are willing to be open to the message Jones presents.

In Reclaiming Your Heart, Jones talks about ways that people or life events can cause people to shut down their hearts. Some run away. Some hide. Some indulge in addictions. Others indulge other people—to their own detriment. But people who live with shut down hearts live mostly alone and in pain and are unable to pursue God’s best for their lives.

Jones uses the analogy of playing a round of golf to help readers understand that, just as they must choose the right club for the right circumstance on a golf course, they must let God help them choose the right responses to each circumstance as they live their lives. (I don’t play golf, but I still understood. Jones explains everything well.)

Once readers grasp that concept, Jones goes on to present several chapters on different kinds of heart responses to life’s harsh circumstances: performing, disappointment, control, criticism, shame, anger, fear, and weariness. Jones explains problems that develop from each of these and how the reader can overcome and heal. Each chapter identifies a lie that a person who chooses each kind of response believes and the truth that must replace it for healing to occur. Throughout the book, Jones shares Scripture, insightful analogies, and her own life experiences to help readers understand. She closes the book with a chapter full of good advice for continued living with a fully reclaimed heart.

If your past is impacting your present in such a way that you feel you have no future, Reclaiming Your Heart is the right book for you. I thank Reclaiming Hearts Ministries for arranging to have Tyndale House Publishers send a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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