Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Review: Come to the Table

Come to the Table is the continuing story of a small group of young adults learning how to get involved in ministry, learning what genuine ministry looks like. Kat, Nick, and Bree are finishing their summer in Chicago where they moved at the beginning of the first book in this series, Stand By Me. Bree is happily working part-time as a barista in a coffee shop and looking forward to returning to college in the fall. Nick is hoping to be selected as an intern at SouledOut Community Church, where the trio attend church. Kat is still looking for ways to educate the homeless about good nutrition. In this second book of the SouledOut Sisters series, mentors, young and old and of many races, will again come alongside these young people to guide them not only in ministry, but also in basic Christian living and in matters of the heart.

I appreciated the way author Neta Jackson showed this being done. Kat and Nick, especially, learn in layers as new challenges develop and the people in their lives help them respond. They don’t just hear from their mentors, however. They learn to seek answers on their own, to watch for God at work, to recognize His teaching, and to thank Him for all He does.

Readers who enjoy a great story with gentle insights will enjoy reading this book. I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary eCopy for this honest review.

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