Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book Review: Lovelier Than Daylight

Lovelier Than Daylight, the third installment in the Saddler’s Legacy series by Rosslyn Elliott, was also my favorite. This story revolves around the Westerville Whiskey Wars of 1875 and 1879—though, for the purposes of her story, Elliott combined them into one event. In Elliott’s words:
“In this novel, people of faith grapple with difficult questions about the use and abuse of alcohol, questions that still cause controversy and divide families and churches. My aim was to depict all of these opinions and show how one family might have handled the decisions that faced them under the circumstances. I did not try to advocate one point of view or elevate one believer above another, but instead aimed to hold up a mirror to a historical event that still has the power to cause us to examine our moral choices.”
In my opinion, Elliott achieved her aim and did so effectively. After reading this book, people on opposite sides of this fence will have much to discuss. This book will indeed make readers think.

Aside from that, the story itself is intense. On her way to college, Susanna Hanby stops to visit her sister only to learn that her sister has left her husband and abandoned her six children. She is missing and may even be dead. Susanna finds the children in two different orphanage-type homes. With the help of her aunt and uncle, Ann and Will Hanby (introduced in Book One of this series), Susanna must find a way to rescue the children and reunite the family.

In the meantime, aspiring reporter and brewery heir Johann Giere wrestles with career choices and struggles to earn Susanna’s respect. He longs to help her family, yet is hindered when she blames his family’s business for causing the troubles in hers. The tense situation in Westerville will either draw them together or drive them forever apart.

Thomas Nelson Publishers gave me a complimentary eCopy of Lovelier Than Daylight for this honest review. Readers who enjoy considering how complex issues can play out in life will find much to contemplate within the pages of this book.

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