Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Review: You Be Sweet

Slowly, but surely, this California girl’s southern vocabulary is increasing. Thanks to a new cookbook by Patsy Caldwell and Amy Lyles Wilson, I now know what You be sweet means. And it’s much nicer, than Well, bless your heart, let me tell you. If you don’t believe me, click here to read what I’ve learned about that phrase.

You Be Sweet is a collection of down-home desserts. Each chapter or group of desserts opens with a story by Wilson describing a food-oriented event in a small southern town: a holiday, a baby shower, a visit to a relative, a bake sale. Wilson helps her readers see how food helps people connect socially. After all, we all have to eat!

The recipes themselves are Caldwell’s contribution. I loved her comments introducing several of them, telling whom she collected them from or who loves to eat what most. These were an extra-sweet, gently southern touch. Several of these recipes just demand to be created. I look forward to working my way through these. Others seemed a bit complex. Rosemary may have been able to teach Georgia to bake (Chapter 2), but she’d have found a greater challenge in me. Maybe I’ll work my way up. The collection includes a little bit of everything, from cakes, pies, and cookies, to fruit desserts, ice cream recipes, punch, and frozen hot chocolate. I’m going to start with the Sour Cream Blueberry Pancakes with Cinnamon Honey Syrup!

I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary eCopy of this cookbook for my review. I recommend it to all fans of dessert!

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  1. You had me with the cover photo of the book! :) May have to ask for this one for Christmas.