Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Review: Fearless Daughters of the Bible

Fearless Daughters of the Bible is a fifteen week study of 22+ women of the Bible. Each chapter tells the story of one biblical woman or group of women. As readers learn about character traits and strengths displayed in these women’s lives, stories of historical or contemporary women who also displayed these traits or strengths are brought into each lesson for greater understanding. Readers see God at work in and through His daughters. They see Him calling, teaching, using, and greatly blessing the efforts of women devoted to Him.

Author J. Lee Grady is not only an award-winning journalist and ordained minister, but also the father of four daughters. He believes the potential contributions of women to God’s Kingdom are often overlooked or dismissed, and so he strives to inspire women to serve God faithfully and with confidence however He leads. Through this book, Fearless Daughters of the Bible, Grady shows that God has a purpose for the women of His Kingdom that we can take seriously.

Also woven into the text are messages of encouragement and healing for women who’ve suffered abuse. Women who’ve been mistreated will find some comfort here.

The studies themselves do not go into great depth. Grady retells the stories in his own words, then moves right into the life application. However, the summaries are well written. Curious readers can easily dig more deeply into the Bible on their own. Each chapter begins with a quote from a well-known woman. Each ends with discussion questions and a personal message to the reader, presented as a message from our Heavenly Father.

Overall, I appreciated Grady’s big picture of God at work in and through women found all through God’s Word. I loved seeing that Jesus, Paul, Philip, and even Peter, greatly valued the ministry contributions women make. I also appreciated the generous amount of life application found in these stories useful to both women and men. The stories of women in the Bible are included by God’s design with messages applicable to both genders.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, published by Chosen, in exchange for this honest review. It's one I definitely recommend!

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