Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: You're Stronger Than You Think

I just finished reading You’re Stronger Than You Think by Dr. Les Parrott. On the cover, this book promises to teach readers how to leverage their strengths. It also says, on the back cover, that this strength ultimately comes from God. But Parrott doesn’t talk much about that—even in the chapters about The Power of Your Soul.

I was a little disappointed in this book. I chose it from Tyndale House Publisher’s selection of books for review because I’ve come across this concept of leveraging strengths in a few places over the past year and was curious to learn more. This book tells me why I should leverage the strengths of my mind, heart, and soul, but, to learn more about my personal strengths and how to leverage them, I need to take the online strength profile (for a small fee) and purchase the life application workbook. Both are optional tools, but the book alone has very little to offer practically.

The book is divided into six chapters in three sections: The Power of Your Mind, The Power of Your Heart, and The Power of Your Soul. Of the three, I was most intrigued by The Power of Your Heart. I especially liked the first chapter in this section—Feel Vulnerable: There’s Strength in Owning Your Weakness. Each of the three sections ends with a brief personal evaluation and a few simple life application ideas. The strength of this book is a bit of common sense encouragement for those who feel they can’t accomplish what they want.

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