Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Review: Accused

I liked the book, Accused, by Janice Cantore, though it was hard to get into at first. It’s the story of Carly, a recently divorced police woman who is trying to earn her way back to patrol after being sent to work in juvenile because of negative publicity from a shooting incident. Because of all she’s suffered, including her father’s death to cancer, Carly has a very cynical attitude—she doesn’t trust anyone—especially not the teenage boy who has been accused of murder and has asked for her help.

This is why the book was hard to get into. When the main character seems tough and unreasonable and starts taking out her frustrations on the innocent, well, it’s difficult to care what happens to her. But God cares about the tough and unreasonable, even when they’re taking out their frustrations on others. He is faithful to work in, and even through, their lives. Cantore shows her readers this as Carly’s story unfolds.

Along with watching Carly change and mature, I enjoyed the conspiracy-theory mystery of the book. By the fourth or fifth chapter, I was hooked. Halfway through, I couldn’t put it down. And now I’m looking forward to the sequel, Abducted, due to come out soon. I’m happy to recommend this book. (I obtained it on my own to participate in Tyndale House Publisher's summer reading program.)

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  1. I saw this book at Books-a-Million and stopped to look at the cover and skim it... I wondered if it was a good book. Thanks for the review!