Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: The Shadow of Your Smile

Imagine losing all memory of the past 25 years of your life. In your mind, you are a college student studying to begin a career. Yet you find yourself living in the body of a middle-aged woman and in the home of a man who claims to be your husband and with two grown children you cannot remember raising.

This is Noelle’s story as invented by author Susan May Warren in her new book, The Shadow of Your Smile, book 5 in the Deep Haven series.

I loved reading this book and will be watching for the next one in this series, soon to be released. The Shadow of Your Smile isn’t your typical Christian romance. The primary couple in the story has been married for nearly 25 years. But this marriage has been touched by tragedy and the family is falling apart. The second tragedy, the one resulting in Noelle’s amnesia, forces everyone involved to reevaluate decisions they’ve been making, to consider what they really want out of life—and what God may want for them. It’s a story of faith, commitment, marriage, family, grief, endurance, and joy. It’s a story of fresh starts and forgiveness. It’s one I’m happy to recommend.

I earned my copy of this book by participating in Tyndale House Publisher’s summer reading program. This review will help me earn another book soon. Hooray!

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