Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review: Safely Home

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn is the story of Ben Fielding and Li Quan, former college roommates who went their separate ways. Ben became heavily involved in corporate America. Li returned to his home in China. Both married and had children. One became successful by the world’s standards; the other struggled to get by. After twenty years, however, they are reunited when Ben visits China for business purposes, but decides to stay in the home of his old friend, Li.

This is where the story begins—and it’s an amazing read! My son loaned this book to me after reading it himself. I couldn’t put it down. Through this story, we learn how easy it is to not see what should be seen. We also see the contrast and possible results of a gradual incline and a gradual decline of faith over time. We witness the suffering of martyrs and the challenge to those who would try to save them. We watch God act in faithfulness, according to His Word.

The book is set in contemporary and, most likely, in a near future time. It challenges the reader while offering the best kind of hope. I’m happy to recommend Safely Home.

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