Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review: Flame of Resistance

Flame of Resistance is an historical fiction novel set in France during the Nazi occupation just before D-Day. Tom Jaeger is an American Air Force pilot whose plane goes down over France. Members of the French Resistance rescue him and nurse him back to health. Because he looks more German than the Germans, however, they ask him to go undercover as a Nazi officer in order to help their cause. For this operation, they also recruit Brigitte Durand, a woman who runs a brothel for Germans-only in order to survive.

The story itself is heavy on the historical surrounding an event that was hugely significant to the success of D-Day. Author Tracy Groot explains this in more detail in her notes at the end of the book. Christian messages woven throughout the book are subtle, but of great value. Brigitte struggles with the question, “Is there a place in God’s Kingdom for one like me?” Another resistance agent bears the memory of personal failure to protect a Jewish family when she could have as she works to rescue others. And a few Germans are shown offering compassion to those being hurt by their countrymen and wrestling with divided loyalties to God and country.

Those curious about the people and events of WWII will appreciate what this book has to offer. I thank Tyndale House Publishers for sending a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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