Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Review: Angel Eyes

When considering Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore, think “Ted Dekker novel for teenage girls.” It’s the story of Brielle, a promising ballerina brought home from the opportunity of her dreams by tragedy, the murder of her best friend. As she reacquaints herself with her hometown, she repeatedly encounters Jake, the mysterious new boy in town. He warns her that other strangers in town pose threats and urges her to exercise caution. Threats grow when the alleged murderer escapes from jail and seeks Brielle, bringing new information and greater mysteries. Soon everything Brielle has been taught to believe is challenged as forces of the celestial realm literally fight over her life.

The story is unique and fascinating. I love the way Dittemore shows the spiritual world interacting both seen and unseen, angels protecting and preserving behind the scenes—demons seeking to destroy. And woven throughout are some truly deep spiritual truths about God’s love for His creation. For example, He is able to do anything all on His own, yet, like a good father, chooses to let His children help. He has a perfect will, yet lets His children choose it or not. He is constantly at work drawing all people to Himself.

I enjoyed this book and am happy to recommend it. I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending me an eCopy for this honest review.

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