Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Review: Wildflowers from Winter

Katie Ganshert’s premiere novel, Wildflowers from Winter, is a winner! (And she promises a sequel about one of the other characters at the end; I will be watching for this!)

Wildflowers from Winter is the story Bethany Quinn, a successful renovation architect who has worked very hard to put the tragic circumstances of her childhood behind her—almost as if they never happened. For ten years, she’s avoided contact with her mother and has totally ignored her beloved grandfather and best childhood friend.

When tragedy strikes both of these people, though, Bethany is forced to return to her hometown. There she learns about the good she lost in attempting to sever the bad and the truth about the God Who carries people through.

I didn’t like Bethany at first, but Ganshert meant it to be that way. One of the other main characters said it well when he bluntly told Bethany that she just was not very nice. But Bethany had deep hurts that kept her from caring as most people do. Reading the story of how God healed these hurts was a hopeful thing—like wildflowers in Spring.

I’m happy to recommend this book and thank Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers for sending a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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