Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: Days with Jesus, Part 1

Days with Jesus, Part 1, is described by Author Jim Jackson as a docuvotional—part documentary, part devotional. In this book, Jackson walks us through the first ten chapters of the Book of John with 31 devotionals, a few pictures, and a corresponding website with video footage of the land where the events of Jesus’ life took place.

Each four or five page chapter starts with a story—a modern day scenario or a look at the Bible story from a unique point of view. Jackson then goes on to give his readers more information about the culture, history, and even science of the situation. He makes his point: a life application principle from the story or a deeper truth about Who Jesus Is. Then he closes the chapter with four or five questions for the reader to contemplate.

Just for fun, Jackson scatters asterisks throughout the book. The reader can turn to the back of the book for more information: Jackson’s favorite Sesame Street character, a scientific fact, historical or biographical information about an event or person mentioned, and other loosely relevant tidbits. I made sure not to miss any of these!

I would especially recommend this book to new and growing Christians or to those trying to understand the truth about Jesus. However, anyone interested in a deeper look at Jesus’ life as presented in the Book of John will like what they find here. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author with a simple request that I read it, if interested, and write this review.

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