Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review: Trauma Plan

Trauma Plan is the story of victims striving to regain control over their lives—or, really, to turn their lives back over to the One Who never lost control. Riley Hale is an ER trauma chaplain, counseling those who suffer while recovering from a vicious assault that caused what may be permanent nerve damage. She is determined to overcome her disability and get her life back on track—to return to her former job as an ER nurse.

Dr. Jack Travis works part-time at the same hospital as Riley, but devotes most of his time to the free clinic he runs. Unfortunately, from his point of view, suburbia has encroached on his clinic. Wealthy neighbors fear those who use the clinic and are determined to shut it down.

When Riley and Jack meet, he invites her to volunteer at the clinic, hoping her influential last name will give the clinic some neighborhood clout. Riley accepts, hoping to prove through her work there that she is fit once again to be an ER nurse.

Author Candace Calvert has used her own experiences as an ER nurse to write a beautiful story of empathy and compassion, trust, and God’s sovereignty and grace. Subtle truths are woven throughout. As readers get to know each amazing character, they can’t help but cheer them on as the intensity builds right to the perfect conclusion. Tyndale House Publishers sent this book for my honest review. I’m happy to recommend it to fans of contemporary Christian fiction.

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  1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful review of my newest medical drama. It's an honor to have you "scrub in."